Frequently Asked Questions


Is the show appropriate for children? 

YES!  The show is family friendly and designed for all ages to enjoy.  It is sophisticated enough for an adult audience, yet PG rated and easily holds the attention span of a child. 


How long is the show?  Is there an intermission?

The show is performed straight thru without an intermission.  Depending on exact illusions performed and audience response times, the shows range from 75-90 minutes in length. 


Are there food and drinks available?

Yes.  We have a full service bar that serves both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.


Can you get my child on stage? 

During the show, several audience members are invited to participate in the magic in various ways.  Normally, these are chosen at random with respect to age and any physical limitations they might have.   We do, however, offer a guaranteed way to be a part of the show.   From making the person of your choice disappear, inviting them onstage to assist and/or having their name used in the act in a creative comical way. We offer various options depending on their age and any physical limitations.   Call or Email our Box Office for several options that we offer. See SPECIAL OCCASIONS  


Can we take pictures / video of the show? 

Photography, video and/or audio recording of the show is not allowed due to copyright reasons.  


Is the magic in the show real? 

ALL of the magic performed in the show is based on special effects and/or illusions that are performed for the audiences entertainment/amusement only.  There are absolutely no claims of anything super-natural... it's all just for show.   We do not support or endorse other performers that promote themselves otherwise.


Can you create a magical proposal for my girlfriend? 

We offer several creative/romantic ways to make your proposal magical!   From making the ring magically appear at the perfect moment to producing you from a box on stage during the show.  (Imagine excusing yourself to the restroom only to appear on stage minutes later surprising your fiance!)  We have a variety of creative ways to incorporate custom video/magic of you both in the show that will set up an absolute perfect proposal!  Email for more details.



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